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Tinka Taylor

Weed Shadows Brooch

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Sterling silver, brass and dendritic agate brooch. Contrasting organic and geometric forms combine to reference shadows cast by weeds onto rough masonry walls. A Dendritic Agate stone has been elevated in a multi-level sterling silver frame and it’s branch-like shadows projected and saw pierced out of the rough concrete-like expanse of the Victorian era mirror shaped backplate crafted from silver dust, fused and oxidised. 
From the Lockdown Rambles Collection, 2021. Inspired by things seen in my inner city neighbourhood while out for daily walks during lockdown. Investigating details, shadows and textures. Finding the beauty in the gritty, mundane and overlooked. Riffing on building materials - metal, stone and glass.

Materials: sterling silver, Dendritic Agate, brass, stainless steel. 

Dimensions: 63mm H x 40mm W