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Tinka Taylor

Biggie Small Earrings

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Contemporary sterling silver and glass hand made double beaded ball drop earrings in metallic purple and pale aqua. Part of the Baubles Collection the Biggie Small earrings comprise of a stack of one 16mm ball and one 12mm beaded ball suspended from a brushed sterling silver tubular stem with an extra long ear wire. Each ‘beaded ball’ is hand stitched one bead at a time from the tiniest glass seed beads manufactured in Japan. A personal favourite colour combo of lilac and aqua, the mid tone purple beads have a galvanised metallic finish and the transparent pale aqua beads have an AB (Aurora Borealis) coating that accentuates their sparkle.

(This listing is only for the earrings pictures in the bottom of the image).

Shorter Variant. Length of Sterling Silver Tube: 18.5mm

Overall length: 47mm